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    It is important that there is a mutual understanding between parents and All American Youth Sports regarding the refund policy.

    In order to run our league All American Youth Sports has to prepay for insurance, field usage, buy and order jerseys, and other required administrative costs. With this in mind and with the understanding of the unpredictability of the current situation with Covid 19 we want to ensure parents and participants of our refund policy.


This policy ensures confidence that a registration payment will be refunded accordingly to

All American Youth Sports's policy listed below.

* FULL refund or balance roll over to following season

1) The season has not started (due to Covid 19).

2) Cancelled while only playing in the first 2 weeks (due to Covid 19).

* $50 Refund 

1) If season is cancelled before Week 5 games are played (due to Covid 19).

* No refund:

1) If season is cancelled after Week 5 games or later (due to Covid 19).

Refunds will be issued in a timely manner. 

*Does not include makeup sessions due to weather related circumstances.

We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

*All American Youth Sports reserves the right to waive this Refund Policy at its sole discretion at any time.

All request must be presented in writing to the League Director and Owner.

       All American Youth Sports

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