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Over the summer our family went on a Volunteer trip to Kenya, Africa where we spent three weeks in Nakuru, Kenya volunteering at Soar-Kenya Academy and helping the surrounding neighborhood.

With our own experiences visiting, we now have made it our own mission to share with our friends and family and join together in our continuing support of James Yegon and impacting the lives of young students of Soar-Kenya.

Our host James Yegon, founder of Soar-Kenya Academy has made it his mission to create a self-sufficient community. He wants his people to be able to learn, grow and develop as a society.

As a member of the Rotary Club of Nakuru and the support of many Rotary Clubs in the US, James has been able to effectively impact his local community with a great deal of self-sustaining projects.

He has built a water pump for locals to have an alternative to the waste water they would otherwise have to rely on.
He built a school for the local children to attend and has developed farms to not only feed students, but give parents a means to pay for schooling with working in the fields. 

Through these projects James has been able to create jobs for teachers, cooks, as well as people wanting to work the pumps and fields.

He has also been able to bring volunteers to teach people how to farm, create fuel with dry manure, and how to create an income with their resources.

James has many goals and projects to help the growth and development within his area and we are beyond proud!

We are honored to know James and to have the opportunity to support him and his community well after our visit.
We are currently raising funds to help maintain the farm land that the students and families depend on for their daily meals.

If you would like to lend a hand and donate to the amazing Soar-Kenya, see the link below!

Even if you are unable to donate, please share! We appreciate your support!


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